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justin-velthoen-headshotThe first thing that I learned in my MBA program that became a part of my life was that employees should only be judged on one thing: Excellence.

Excellence is something that sits out in front of all of us. I like to think of it like a snowboard sliding down a hill. It is easy to follow, hard to catch, and easiest to control when you ride it. Excellence defines and impassions. It is something once tasted changes a person.

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I started this blog because excellence was hard enough in and of itself, but can wear a person to pieces as they frantically chase after it. The real trick, the real secret is to have fun catching it, and to enjoy the hell out of riding it! Inside you will find posts on business, school, homework, life experiences, surfing, diving, and anything I think will help a friend find the fun in life and success.

Justin C. Velthoen